Lennon in Fremont

Heart outlives politics
Seen by most as one of the most controversy of art pieces in Fremont, the sculpture of Lennon reminds us that art outlives politics
This sculpture took 10 years to complete and was installed in Slovakia in 1988 only to be toppled by Revolution in 1989.  
While teaching in Poland, American veteran Louis Carpenter discovered the sculpture lying facedown in the mud. Carpenter recognize the scale and craftsmanship of the statute as well as the boldness of design. Determined to preserve the statue, Carpenter decided to mortgage his house to acquire it and brought it back to his home in Issaquah Washington.


Carpenter had dreams of making the statute a centerpiece for the Slovakian restaurant he wanted to open. Instead, he died in a car accident in 1994, leaving his debt and the disposition of the statute to his family. They settled upon an agreement with Fremont community representative to cite the sculpture in Fremont for the work to be seen and enjoyed as Carpenter wished and hopefully to find it a permanent home.
 Right now, the sculpture is located on the corner of Fremont and North 36 street. The mayor of Seattle at the time Paul Shell, came through the neighborhood the day of the cement pour and sign his name to the pedestal project where the sculpture stays until this day.