"Something Weird Video" and Prom Queen helps keeps Seattle Weird!

Something Weird Video is a film distributor company founded by the late Mike Vraney and currently run by his wife Lisa Petrucci, and based in Seattle. They specialize in exploitation films, but the content runs the gamut of exploitation cinema, from burlesque and striptease shows to stag and peepshow films, and even some drug and drive's ed shorts.

 Imagine seeing some of their most interesting vintage exploitation films combined with a live soundtrack? Thursday, June 1st is your opportunity to do just that.

You'll get a chance to hear Seattle's Prom Queen, a band that blends dark-surf, girl-group noir sound with some of "Something Weird Video's" favorite clips from their catalogue of exploitation film's, creating a show of B-movie indulgence that features classic burlesque reels, drive-in trailers, ephemeral classroom films, and LSD inspired oddities. This special music and film experience at the Seattle International Film Festival is presented as part of Puget Soundtrack, Northwest Film Forum's beloved series that has been inviting local musicians to score films since 2014.

TICKETS: Buy Tickets for Triple Door

Puget Soundtrack presents Prom Queen (SIFF)

City Arts: Prom Queen Scores Something Weird

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