Visit Seattle’s “Rubber Chicken Museum” at Archie McPhee’s in Seattle's Wallingford Neighborhood

The Archie McPhee store in Seattle, Washington has the world's only Rubber Chicken Museum in the world, and it's helping to Keep Seattle Weird!

The museum is located inside the store, which also sells other novelties such as the Famous Yodeling Pickle, Emergency Google Eyes and the Meditating Bigfoot. It features the world's largest and smallest rubber chickens, and also provides information about rubber chickens. The museum is open every day from 11 AM to 6 PM, and admission is free!  The store also sells such favorites as 12 Itty-Bitty Rubber chickens, Racing Rubber Chickens and a Rubber Chicken Emergency Clucker!

Archie McPhee's is located at 1300 N. 45th Street in Seattle.  Phone: 206-297-0240.