Breakfast in a Record Shop


Easy Street Records is the best little record store, cafe and cocktail lounge in West Seattle and it's almost single-handedly doing its best to keep Seattle weird!

East Street is an independent record store that opened in 1988 and they're a super-favorite here at Keep Seattle Weird.  They opened a small cafe inside and then later, an upstairs "speakeasy" cocktail lounge.  They are so beloved, when West 5 Bar and Restaurant closed up the street, they gave their beloved Mai-Tai recipe to the folks at Easy Street. They have record release parties, in-store performances and it serves as a mini-townhall of sorts for local residents.

The restaurant is generally open 7am to 3pm each day (call to confirm) and they feature such specials as Hank Williams Western Omelet, James (Hash) Browns, Horton Heat Hash and a Dolly Parton Stack.  

Easy Street Records features new releases but they also have a huge selection of vintage and hard-to-find recordings.  A few times a month, artists on tour will stop by and give a free show or they'll feature a rock-n-roll writer like Charles Cross or a photographer like Charles Peterson. 

Easy Street Records is located at 4559 California Ave SW, Seattle, Washington and their phone number is 206-938-3279.  

Call to confirm but current hours are 9am-9pm Mon-Sat and 9am-7pm Sunday. The cafe is open 7am to 3pm and the upstairs bar is open 9am-3pm Mon/Tues and 9am to 9pm Wed-Sat, 9am-7pm Sunday.