Pop Culture Grocery Store in South Seattle

Tired of the same old grocery aisle and looking to shake it up a bit?  You’ll find the Shake and Bake right by the hip-shaking Elvis adorning the end-cap at this Grocery Outlet in Skyway in South Seattle, resplendent with pop culture icons, musical statuary, historical representations and vintage kitsch. 

I know, I know.... you think I am exaggerating, why would anyone go out of their way to visit a Grocery Outlet?  Well, these owners have let their freak flag fly.  You'll find canned goods down by the giant statues of Laurel and Hardy and dried fruit near the miniature fire trucks.  None of it makes any sense, but I guess that is its charm. 

Address:  11656 68th Ave. S., Seattle WA 98178

Seattle Grocery Outlet pays homage to Pop Culture